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Brief Introduction
Editorial Board
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Fast & Green Track
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Fast & Green Track 

Manuscripts that meet the following criteria can be submitted through 'Fast & Green Track'.

Fast Track allows urgent and competitive research to start the peer-review immediately after submission. Peer-review of papers submitted using the Fast Track can be completed within 1-2 weeks. If you want to submit your paper using the Fast Track, please first contact the editorial office ( jmcb@sibs.ac.cn ).

JMCB recognizes that excellent papers may have been erroneously rejected by other journals. We will reconsider papers that have been rejected by Nature, Science, Nature Medicine, Nature Cell Biology, Cell, and some other journals in the original format of those journals, thus saving the authors effort and time. Authors are encouraged to enclose the reviewers' and/or editorial comments from the journals mentioned above. This will expedite the evaluation of the article. In some instances, the article may be accepted based on the previous review using the Green Track. If you want to submit your paper using the Green Track, please contact the editorial office ( jmcb@sibs.ac.cn ) with the manuscript and the previous review. Upon acceptance, authors should provide the paper in JMCB’s format.

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